Tips on Supervisory Styles

Tips on Supervisory Styles

There are many different supervisory styles that require special approaches to complex problems. Identifying those styles and how to bring those approaches from within is needed in every supervisory capacity. The tips in this section are great to keep as a set of rules or to build a best practices manual for your supervisory position.

10 Things Managers/Supervisors Should Know When Dealing With Staff

When dealing with staff, whether it’s in a cafe, gas bar, clothing store, etc, it can be frustrating sometimes. But the staff is only as good as the management is! Read these 10 tips so you don’t forget what expectations exist between yourself and what you supply to your staff.

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20 Facts Managers Need To Know About Employee Turnover

The type of work employees do, and their level of satisfaction in doing it, is the strongest indicator of whether an employee will stay with an organization. Job satisfaction ranks higher than pay or career advancement as a reason for people to remain with the same company.

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