Supervisory Management

Supervisory Management

Supervisory leadership is needed by anyone in a role where they lead a team or a group of employees. Managing any staff that reports to you requires many organizational behavior skills with a healthy dose of planning. These articles will help you during your supervisory management training, creating your own best practices manual for being a supervisor.

Don’t Get Down – Manage Up!

Understand that within any reporting structure/hierarchy, there will typically be challenges in even the best reporting relationships. Clearly realize that your particular situation may not be that unique. Chances are, the grass will be no greener elsewhere.

Richard Gorham
Rating 10

Attraction – 3 Keys to Becoming What You Attract

Find the details of attracting the right kind of employees during your interview process. For instance, if you are always positive and bright, then you will attract other positive people with sunny dispositions. Therefore it’s important for you to know who you are in order to attract the things that you want.

Jason Osborn
Rating 6.5

Every Supervisor Makes Mistakes!

Every supervisor will make mistakes, including yourself. Much of the credibility you earn with your employees will come from the way you recover from your mistakes. Read which methods this author advises.

Charles Hopkins
Rating 8.0

Give Yourself a Boss’ Day Gift: Are You the Position or the Person?

When we are the boss, there are many dangers in becoming you the position instead of you the person. If you are making managing decisions that effect other employees, make sure that you aren’t being seen as only a supervisor who is the serious, alienated, distracted, unapproachable boss.

Linda LaPointe
Rating 7.0

Make Every Meeting Productive: Become a Great Facilitator

One of the most powerful leadership tools available to supervisors is the ability to manage an employee meeting or a work session. Too often, these gatherings are a disorganized jumble of unprocessed ideas that leave participants frustrated. Read Jim Crocker’s 10 key steps to becoming a master facilitator.

Jim Crocker
Rating 8.0

The Challenges of Leadership

In order to be an effective and successful supervisor you need to be able to stand up to the challenges of firing employees as a leadership decision. This article details 3 basic managerial situations you may encounter as a supervisor that will need to be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Jason Deines
Rating 8.0


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