Strategic Leadership: Proactive, Not Reactive

Strategic Leadership: Proactive, Not Reactive

Have you ever known a organization whose functioning is chaotic? Perhaps you work in such an organization. Are you are always trying to put out fires, calm people down, or fix someone else’s crisis? These situations result from a reactive leadership style.

There is good news for you, though. Strategic leadership can bring order in your organization!  

People are always trying to define strategic leadership. However, the phrase defines itself: Leaders with a strategy.

Having a plan does not prevent emergency situations from arising, but it can make them the exception and not the rule. Strategic leadership allows you to be proactive, not reactive.

Here are a few strategies to point you in the right direction:

Think long term.

Many people like to think in terms of today. If you want to implement strategic leadership, you need to look to the future. Live as if the future was upon you, and develop effective solutions to the problems you predict will occur in that future. Looking to the future can result in the success of current outcomes.


Derive a plan that will work in various scenarios. The future you envision might not be the future that materializes. Include your leadership team in the planning stage. Discuss how to deal with any changes that may arise.

Foster cohesive relationships.

Have you ever heard the statement “There is nothing new under the sun”? There is a lot of truth to this. Ask for input of those around you; they may already have some insight. In addition, they will be more committed to the project if they feel they are a part of it.

Implement your plan at the right time.

Make sure you have a well thought out plan before you implement it. People sometimes get excited halfway through the plan and want to get started immediately. This can be counterproductive,

Implement strategy daily.

Strategic leadership should be practiced on a daily basis. It should be at the forefront of your thoughts. Once you have a plan, break it down into functional day-to-day activities. This will help you reach your goal.

It takes a lot of time and effort to live life reactively, not knowing what you will confront on a daily basis. When you develop and implement strategic leadership, your life is managed by you. It is no longer managed by the catastrophes around you.

With strategic leadership, you have the opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive. Better yet, the time you save by being proactive will allow you to be creative and forward thinking. And that would be a great place to be!


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