Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals can sometimes break an employee, especially if delivered without constructive comments, or if their ratings are too low. When your supervisory duties involve giving a regular performance appraisal, you need the information to make sure that your staff get the most out of your feedback.

Appraisals Lack One Thing: Performance

Managers dread them. Employees resent them. They only come around once or twice a year. I’m talking about performance appraisals, the Human Resources (HR) inspired process of formally assessing employees that cost organisations millions of dollars each year .

James Adonis
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Can Performance Evaluations Really be Painless?

Painless Performance Evaluation should not be an oxymoron. These practical steps can transform your organization into one where employees actually look forward to the annual feedback ritual. Read the 3 main concepts this author provides.

Marnie Green
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Employee Performance Reviews — Dealing With Disagreements

Start by listening to figure out the source of the disagreement: is it an issue of fact or a matter of judgement? If the disagreement involves an issue of fact, get the facts and make any corrections necessary. If it’s a matter of judgment, ask the employee for additional evidence.

Dick Grote
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End of the Year Performance Evaluations

By asking questions and listening, rather than reading the evaluation and telling the employee what to do, you will gain buy-in, commitment, and trust. Performance evaluations should be a collaborative approach, regardless of the type of business where you are a supervisor.

Marnie Green
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Performance Appraisals: Assist Your Employees In Preparing For A Performance Appraisals

Supervisory feedback can be difficult when you are giving your staff a performance appraisal. Read Andrew E. Schwartz’s help to prepare your employees to receive feedback and during their interview. His ideas help your team put their best foot forwards, so that they can reflect positively on their work.

Andrew E. Schwartz
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Talk about Rating Differences

What are the ramifications of an the employee thinking he or she deserves a better rating than the one chosen by their supervisor giving them feedback? It may be easy to just bump up the employee rating, but you can only be fair and subjective by setting a rating standard beforehand.

Marnie Green
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Your Organization: Using an Appraisal to Your Benefit

Andrew E. Schwartz offers more tips to the benefits of supervisory feedback by giving a good appraisal interview. Remember that making sure your employees aren’t performing poorly and reflect the shared vision of the leaders or founders of your organization.

Andrew E. Schwartz
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