New Supervisor Training

New Supervisor Training

Basic training for supervisors can help someone who is either handling new supervisory duties or is changing from a co-worker to a supervisor. Training is the key attribute needed to create yout own best practices manual to deal with the many challenges of leading a team and ensuring a safe work environment.

Ensuring you have all the information available in your supervisory role will enable you to succeed. Training can also be effective to keep your skills and management style up-to-date when dealing with a diverse group of employees and an unstable work environment.

First Step in Becoming an Excellent Supervisor: Self-management

Managers or supervisors need certain skills and knowledge such as how to delegate, communicate, hire, resolve conflict, and work with difficult people. However the first step for people to become excellent supervisors involves their managing themselves. First learn that budgeting time multiplies the results gained each day.

Vivian Gilbert Zabel
Rating 6.5

First-Time Managers: Who Really Has What It Takes?

You’ve watched individuals go above and beyond what’s expected, and they show real potential for continued growth. But if they have no previous leadership experience, how do you know these first-time managers will have what it takes? How do you tell? Read this author’s thoughts.

Patrick Sweeney
Rating 10


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