Listening to Employees

Listening to Employees

If you aren’t listening to your employees, then you get a failing grade at effective communication. As a supervisor you need to communicate with your ears, hearing employee suggestions, benefits, and grievances to become a better listener.

Listening Between the Lines

Have you seen the tee-shirt with the slogan, “Talk to the hand ‘cos the face ain’t listening?” This article wants you to ask yourself if you are really listening to your employees or if you are only giving them a face for their issues, successes, and grievances.

Julianne Kuhlmann
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Great Supervisors Radically Re-Think their Public Style

The front line supervisor’s number one priority is to successfully process each day’s workload. If there is a problem, the supervisor needs immediate feedback to contain those issues amongst the group. If you can satisfy these audiences with your determination, knowledge, and skill you will gain the fundamentals required to manage any group.

Steven Grant
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Handling Your Employees

This short article tackles the issues of handling your employees when you run a restaurant business, but is useful for any supervisor. Never overlook your employees’ welfare or take them for granted.

Shareen Aguilar
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Business: How Management’s Promotion Policies May Create Super Failures

In today’s workplace environment, many eager employees consistently demonstrate all the capacities of being a super-worker. Via hard work, this person may reach that next step up the corporate or management ladder and become a Supervisor; but are they ready for this challenge or is this a super-failure?

Leanne Hoagland-Smith
Rating 7.0

How to Think Like an X, Y, or W – The Post Baby-Boom Generation

Business mentor and management consultant Morris Miselowski examines the evolution in generational demographics for supervisors dealing with employees. Understand the necessary communication required to bridge the generational gap and to view an employees core beliefs.

Morris Miselowski
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