The Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader

Providing a structure on which leaders will articulate and plan the implementation process for expression of their individual leadership brand.


Workshop Format

The standard workshop is designed as a two-day workshop with follow-up practices for the workplace. The workshop concludes after one month of workplace practice with a 90-minute webinar.


New to seasoned leaders will find challenges and learning opportunities.


Great leaders are very conscious and intentional in the behaviours with which they choose to lead. This highly participatory learning experience will provide a structure on which leaders will articulate and plan the implementation process for expression of their individual leadership brand. The workshop is structured to extend beyond the workshop timeframe by having leaders choose their leadership challenges and implement for positive impact on those in the organization and provides a strong foundation for both new and experienced leaders to respond to the following questions:

  1. By what authority do I lead?
  2. How do I influence and inspire others to greatness?
  3. How can I create passion and innovation in my organization?

Participants will develop capacity to

  • Demonstrate research-based techniques for effectively managing people.
  • Recognize and develop their role and relationships within the organization.
  • Increase levels of employee engagement and production.
  • Communicate effectively in challenging situations.
  • Work smart with increased resilience.

Organizations will benefit with

  • Increased productivity – increased bottom-line results.
  • Improved retention and engagement of employees.
  • Supervisors and Managers who understand and know how to effectively drive the business forward.
  • An environment that supports innovation and productivity.
  • Improved commitment and alignment.

Program Structure

The course is rolled out over four modules over the two days. Participants will be engaged in a learning community to explore the topics through thought-provoking presentations, skill developing real-life practice. The webinar at the end will respond to questions arising from the workplace triad and coaching practice and reflections.

Day One

Authentic Leadership

  • Challenges of Leadership
  • The emotionally powerful leader
  • Defining your leadership style / brand

Quality Relationships

  • Experience a leadership relationship model
  • Discover your inspirational leadership voice

Creating Vision & Culture

  • Creating a vision that moves people
  • Strategic storytelling
  • Defining, describing and living values

Day Two

Building Teams that Work

  • Stages, processes and sustaining high performing teams
  • Appreciating differences, Motivation and Beliefs
  • Performance Challenge

Strategic Leadership

  • Identifying and strengthening key leadership behaviours
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Generating Innovation

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