Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders

Learn and practice the essential skills of coaching using real life situations and will continue beyond the workshop timeframe through the use of coaching triads of participants.

Workshop Format

The standard workshop is designed as a two-day in-house workshop. Workshop will be modified to meet the needs of your organization. Thirty to forty days after the instructor-led workshop a 90-minute webinar is available upon request.


New supervisor to seasoned leaders.


Coaching is a foundational skill set for Leaders. Leaders will gain a new range of techniques for engaging and motivating employees and driving the organization with this goal-oriented and results-driven model. Coaching skills have been demonstrated to measurably accelerate performance through improved decision-making, analytical and strategic thinking and enhanced conflict mediation abilities. In this highly participatory workshop Leaders will learn and practice the essential skills of coaching using real life situations and will continue beyond the workshop timeframe through the use of coaching triads of participants.

Participants will be better able to

  • Understand and demonstrate what is High Performance Coaching (and what it is not.)
  • Understand their strengths as a coach and employ these in working with their teams, peers and colleagues.
  • Support the personal growth of others while and after developing high performance coaching skills.
  • Achieve real business results by coaching others to greater results.
  • Challenge others to hold themselves accountable for results.

Organizations will benefit with

  • Participants achieving a professional level of coaching in a cost effective approach.
  • Greater accountability and increased bottom-line results.
  • Increased managerial capacity to lead and drive change.
  • Improved retention and engagement of employees.

Program Structure

The course is rolled out over four modules over the two days. Participants will be engaged in a learning community to explore the topics through thought-provoking presentations, skill developing real-life practice. The webinar at the end will respond to questions arising from the workplace triad and coaching practice and reflections.

Day One

Earn the Right to Coach

  • Foundational learning of what is coaching
  • Discover different choices with which to appropriately interact with others

Developing Rapport

  • Learn techniques for deep engagement
  • Learn new techniques for responding to subtle signals from coachees

Power Tools

  • Learn and practice the art of paraphrasing
  • Expand capability to formulate BIG questions

Day Two

Power Tools Continued

  • Delve deeper into the art and skill of questions, paraphrasing, & summarization
  • Explore the cognitive impact of coaching

Coaching Strategies and Structures

  • Learn and practice coaching using models
  • Learn and employ a triad model to support and enhance own and peers’ coaching

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