How An Employee Can Successfully Become A Supervisor

How An Employee Can Successfully Become A Supervisor

Everyone dreams of climbing the ladder at work. Advancing to a better paid and more rewarding position at a company is everyone’s career goal. A good worker can transition to a supervisor if she is ready to go above and beyond her current duties. To get a promotion tomorrow, it is important to begin preparing today.

Not all co-workers are capable of becoming supervisors. To advance into that position requires skills and training that are not found in the average entry level employee. To be considered for a supervisor position, she must acquire the skills and gain the experience needed to fulfill her new responsibilities.

The skills needed to become a supervisor will vary based on the industry which that supervisor is in. Take the time to talk to other supervisors and managers and find out exactly what the qualifications are. Meeting the basic requirements for a supervisor is the first step to becoming one.

Leadership and skill training may be available on the job. If there are specific classes or certifications offered by the company then it is up to her to attend and complete the required training. If the company does not offer the required training then it is time to take the classes independently.

Supervisors are expected to direct other workers and improve productivity. It is unlikely that someone will be promoted if they are only doing the most basic requirements of their current position. To be ready for a promotion it is crucial to begin standing out  among the other co-workers today.

To become a supervisor, she must take on additional tasks at work. It is important to go beyond the current expectations in her job. Whenever the opportunity arises to lead a team or organize a task she must be the first to volunteer. If there is a current supervisor that needs assistance, she must take the time to provide it. This will make her more visible when the time comes to select a new supervisor. By taking the initiative to take on extra responsibility, and by also showing that she can handle it, she is proving that she is ready to move up within the company.

Supervisors are not only responsible for their own actions, but the performance of their entire team. Not everyone can handle this level of responsibility. A supervisor must be ready to account for a team’s actions, output, and may even have to take disciplinary actions.

To show that she is capable of being a supervisor, she needs to take on more responsibility in her current job. When leading a team of co-workers, she must be ready to motivate them and ensure that the job is completed well and in a timely manner. This requires leadership skills, the ability to organize, and the discipline to work hard with a group. Every time a good candidate steps up to a challenge, she is proving that she is ready to become a supervisor.

It is tempting to take the credit when everything is going well and pass the blame onto others when it isn’t. Do not fall into this mind set when taking on more responsibilities. A good candidate for supervisor will be able to take responsibility for the failings of her team. When her team underperforms she is responsible for it. She must plan to offer solutions and implement them to prevent the same failing in the future.

After taking all the steps to become a supervisor, it is time to talk to the current management team. Once she is qualified to become a supervisor she should schedule a time to have a performance review. During this time she should express her desire to advance and ask to become a supervisor.

During the review, if there is any hesitation by the management team to let her become a supervisor, now is the time to ask why. She must find out specifically what requirements she still needs to fulfill. This is the time to set up a time frame for taking the supervisor’s position. It is important to make sure that there is a set date for the next review before leaving the room.

However, if she is now qualified for the position and has shown the initiative to lead, there should be no issues with her becoming a supervisor. For her, transitioning from a co-worker to a supervisor is no longer a dream. By taking the time to learn the skills needed and gather the experience leading a team, she is now the best candidate to become a supervisor. Timing is everything when advancing at work. Once the position is available, she will be the best choice for the new supervisor of the company.