Giving Effective Feedback

Giving Effective Feedback

Giving effective supervisory feedback is a challenge when your staff or team feels that any feedback is usually negative, even when they want to know how their work is being received. Read these articles on how to give feedback and you can grow and adapt your supervisor skills while dealing with different employees.

4 Simple Steps To Giving Effective Feedback

When giving feedback it is important to have a balance of positive and constructive feedback otherwise the receiver may feel that they only ever receive one type of feedback. It is also important not to always link the two, especially in the same conversation – giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

Clare Evans
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Are You Good At Giving Constructive Feedback?

Giving constructive feedback will not undermine the person giving the feedback in fact it usually enhances their position as a manager or mentor, whilst shouting, bemoaning, dismissing or disrespecting individuals will negatively affect the way a manager is perceived. So, how do you give constructive feedback?

Louise Manning
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Be A Great Feedback Facilitator

This article relates some short tips for being a feedback facilitator in your role as a supervisor.

Colin Ong TS
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Feedback – How to Make it Effective

Whether you want to reinforce behaviour, confirming feedback, or change unacceptable behaviour, productive feedback, there are certain steps you need to follow to make it work. Read what 10 steps author Alan Fairweather advocates.

Alan Fairweather
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Giving Feedback, The Supervisor’s Nightmare

Whenever an employee receives supervisory feedback, one of two things will occur: the employee either thinks it matches their experience and accepts it, or they think their supervisor is out of touch with reality and they respond negatively. How are your supervisory feedback tactics in this situation?

Stephen Moulton
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How To Give Feedback?

If a supervisor is giving the same negative feedback as before, but is presenting it in a positive or constructive way, you can help your employees avoid the same mistakes in the future. If you have problems giving supervisory feedback, then you need a new approach.

CD Mohatta
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