Firing & Hiring Decisions

Firing & Hiring Decisions

One of the most important supervisor duties often involves interviewing and hiring new employees. Equally, the role of a supervisor also involves disciplining underperforming staff or even firing them for unacceptable conduct. When you need to make important staff decisions, you need rational information. Read these articles and strengthen your traits as a good supervisor.

Firing Someone Is Not Easy, But Necessary

It takes a great deal of self-discipline and integrity to fire a relative or close friend of your own, or your boss. Firing someone is one of the most difficult tasks a manager has to do. Read how.

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How To Fire Someone

Sooner or later, most managers must face up to the task of firing someone. Here’s some career advice that will help you handle this odious task when you must do it. But it is never easy.

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Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

If an employee exhibits abusive and disruptive behavior in their workplace, there might not be alternatives, such as anger management courses offered. But that doesn’t mean you should just fire them outright for documented behavior. Try a more productive method with an individualized program.

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How to Make More Rational Decisions

When you are a supervisor, you are often involved in making firing and hiring decisions, needing supervisory skills that must be learned. In theory you are hoping to only make rational decisions, but in practice, you need consideration to not veer into some irrational decisions while dealing with emotional staff.

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Human Resources Q & A

Frontline supervisors are often critical to their employees’ perceptions of their jobs, when it involves the hiring of new staff or deciding the welfare of regular employees being fired. Managing these decisions are difficult when new supervisors aren’t coached or trained on any of their powers. This human resources Q & A may help.

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