Expressing Expectations

Expressing Expectations

Effective communication is needed when a supervisor is trying to express expectations amongst their staff or team. If you want to become successful in sending out the proper messages, browse the articles in this category.

Getting Through – Making Your Expectations Clear

When a supervisor expects one thing from an employee and gets something else, they need to then take time to give proper feedback to rectify the situation. Read six things that can help make your planning more efficient, by voicing clear expectations the first time.

Marnie Green
Rating 8.0

I Want to Speak to a Supervisor!

Give your frontline team the training and authority they need to take care of customers without constantly asking for approval. If your staff have the organizational skills to be more structured in their daily routine, then your job (and stress) and their efficiency will only improve.

Ron Kaufman
Rating 9.5

Micro-Managers – Four Ways to Keep the Peace with Your Supervisor

Becoming more organized in your workflow process and not micro-managing your employees. Many people feel that they cannot concentrate with someone over their shoulder. Read how you can help with organizational and planning for an employee so that you don’t have to be the detested micro-manager.

Stephanie Fulcher
Rating 9.0

Power Questions That Turn Complainers Into Problem Solvers

Some complaints from workers are valid and others are annoying. If you have one of these noisy irritants you can transform your troublemaker into a problem solver by asking power questions to help with planning.

Marlene Chism
Rating 7.5

Appraisal Interviews: What To Say & How To Say It

This article delivers some advice for supervisors that will contribute to a successful appraisal interview: planning in advance is the key skill towards effective communication.

Andrew E. Schwartz
Rating 7.0