Employee Goal Setting

Employee Goal Setting

Successful supervisors that care about their staff need to help them set proper goals where the employee can strive to reach for the top in their work and career knowledge. Supervising your staff often requires supervising their goals and their schedules to determine if they are on task. Developing meaningful goals and motivating your staff to succeed at those goals will help everyone, including career gains and business profits. Goal setting is an important facet of supervisory duties that spread from yourself throughout the organization.

Goal Setting Skills Ensure Success

By setting reasonable goals with each employee, a supervisor can truly bridge the communication gap. Whether or not your supervised staff can actually accomplish their required work and attainable goals is up to communication. A lack of communication can leave employees feeling frustrated, not understanding their roles within the organization.

Andrew E. Schwartz
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Goal Setting: The Process of Developing Meaningful Goals

Over the years, experience has shown that while it is relatively easy to teach the concept and theory of goal setting, many supervisors and managers have found it quite difficult to translate the theory into actual practice. Step-by-step use of the goal setting checklist should provide a constructive aid in this regard.

Andrew E. Schwartz
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Apathetic Employees: Can Anything Get Them Moving?

Managers who are self-starters, who enjoy and are motivated by the work they do and the organization they work for, are sometimes puzzled by the perceived lack of motivation of their subordinates. The operative word here is perceived.

Helen Wilkie
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Putting an End to Procrastination

Managerial supervisors often find that the largest problem with troublesome employees is that they often procrastinate in their work. This hinders productivity, but to fix this issue requires setting proper goals. This excellent article contains an excerpt about motivation from author Andrew Vidler’s book I’m Going to Have to Let You Go – Managing the Behaviour of People in the Workplace.

Andrew Vidler
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Top 7 Reasons for Giving Employee Awards

This author praises the benefits of an Employee Award Recognition program to your company. Read his 7 reasons why this program increases productivity, boosts morale, fosters loyalty, and can give your workers pride in their workplace.

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