Developing a Team Focus

Developing a Team Focus

Great supervisory leaders know that a team needs each member to have a focus on the success of the group. When supervised employees always act in the team’s best interests, that focus helps develop a strong camaraderie while inspring a high level of group performance. A team needs to be focused on more than just the talents of individual employees.

Develop a “We” Focus And Not a “Me” Focus

Great leaders know how to focus on the team ahead of themselves. They do this by developing a “We” focus. Our thoughts become words or actions that influence the behavior of the people around us. When I act in the team’s best interest, I inspire high-level performance in my team.

Guy Harris
Rating 10

Be Proactive: Essential Quality for Supervisors of All Types

Now that you have a good idea of what supervisors need to do to be good supervisors, let us explore some basic qualities needed to make a person a positive, capable, responsible, diligent person, whether he/she is a supervisor or not.

Michael Brooke
Rating 9.5


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