Custom Developed Training

Custom Developed Training

Vantage Path’s performance-based training programs achieve measurable improvements in the bottom line. Our programs are built on a proven framework that drives organizational success. We customize each of our programs to align with your organizations competencies, performance needs, and desired culture.

Workforce Engagement and Productivity

Workforce Engagement may be difficult to achieve due to the fact that many elements either contribute to or take-away from it. As a result, we begin work in this area by comparing engagement factors within client companies with the national and industry engagement norms. From this vantage point, we design the most appropriate solution to ensure success.


Interpersonal Communication and Trust

Superior corporate performance requires employee engagement, which in turn is based on Trust. Trust is essential and built through interpersonal communication. For a culture of trust to be successfully developed in the workplace, leaders must learn to weave effective communication throughout their organization. Our Perceptive Communication Workshops are designed based on the culture, communication, and trust strengths and weakness within our client companies.

Culture and Performance

Culture consists of the unwritten rules of the corporate game. The norms established within a culture affects the organizations performance in many diverse and unseen ways. To address performance issues and the implementation of new strategies, it generally requires identifying and changing cultural values, practices and behaviours. We design and can implement the required changes needed based on our assessment results of your existing culture.


Results-Based Coaching and Consulting

Coaches offer confidential executive coaching to help leaders attain personal and organizational goals. Our coaches provide direct, challenging learning-focused conversations that help effect behavioural changes that drive measurable business performance results.

Supervisory, Leadership and Team Effectiveness

Our Supervisory, Management, Leadership and Team Effectiveness Programs are designed as a process for individual development, to increase effectiveness as a leader or member of the team. Regardless of position, leadership factors are crucial to team effectiveness. Leaders at all levels must translate corporate strategy and team goals into action. They must become its champion by influencing others to follow them and help them implement. We design these programs based on this criteria and with the client’s needs.

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Communications Officer
Nova Scotia Medical Society, Halifax NS